20 Years of Experience.

Topuzlar Construction, earning prestige with the innovation it brings to Turkey in the field of construction field, is carrying out a different major project after MAVERA RESIDENTS, MAVERA CİTY, MAVERA AHSEN, Vespia HOTEL, MAVERA SEFA and MAVERA VILLA.

Topuzlar Construction has become a shining star among the industry’s leading companies in the construction of comfortable, modern and safe living spaces that take your life standards to the next level in housing.

Topuzlar Construction is building environment and nature conscious housings in order for our people to have more peaceful living spaces. We promise a life as comfortable as a seven-star hotel in Mavera Villa – in which you can live every moment peacefully – as it has always been in our previous projects; joyous, peaceful and safe, for a commodious and comfortable life.

Mavera Villa will add happiness to your family and eligibility to your life with modern privileges of the city life and the socializing areas that meet both you and your children’s needs.


The Best Project
in the most precious location
of the most magnificent
city of the world.

Mavera Villa consisting of 20, 7 + 2 villas on an area of 9.000m2 offers more than you can imagine with its 300m2 garden, 50m2 pool and top of the line architecture, enriched social facilities, high estate value and ultra luxury concept.

80% of the project is green and open area
Transportation is extremely easy.

Now is The Time!